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1. Someone who generally focuses on the positive aspects of life. As such, an antonym of hater.

2. More specifically, it can also be used to describe someone who is a serial clicker of the "Like" button on Facebook.
She's a Facebook friend of mine and she's a real liker!


Bobby in accounting is so negative all the time, a real hater. I wish he was more like Sandy - she's such a liker and it's really easy to work with her.
by cup.half.full August 24, 2010

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A. A pink wine enjoyed with friends, or your bros.

B. A pink wine served at a brodown.

C. A pink wine enjoyed so regularly, you know it like you would know one of your bros.

D. All of the above.
Let's chill and have some brosé tonight.


"Are you going to the brodown?"
"Yeah, and I'm bringing the brosé."


I like the Peyrassol so much it's not just a rosé, it's a brosé.
by cup.half.full June 10, 2011

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