A species of bird watcher. Not as fanatical as a twitcher. A bird will find hours of entertainment sitting by a window or in his car watching the behaviour and interaction of various species of birds.
My father was a birder, he would sit for hours staring onto the garden watching the flocks of chaffinches that thronged to his feeding table.
by black flag June 5, 2004
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A birder is a lad who laps up attention off the ladies and thinks of themselves as pretty much a big deal. Probably quite good looking, but more importantly, thinks that they're the fittest thing to ever walk the earth.

Birders will always have several girls on the go, and probably have different names for all of them. E.g 'wifey', 'baby girl' or 'boo' - this keeps all the women feeling special and thinking that they're the only 1
Girl 1: "Hey, u heard of that josh evans?he seems pretty cool"
Girl 2: "Yeah- a big time birder, don't go there babe"
by La Horndog TM January 14, 2010
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An act of killing a Bird (any type of bird - Eagle, Seagull, Pigeon) in any way (Hitting it with a car, Making it explode, Kicking it) with the intent of killing and to ends its life. For the Human definition see murder
A bird was found dead today, police suspect birder.
by cc2k September 27, 2009
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Anyone who kills a bird whether intentionally or otherwise. For example; a friend of mine hit a bird today.. and instead of calling her a "bird murderer" in the text that I was typing to her, I consolidated and threw "birderer" at her. I actually think it cheered her bird-killing self up a bit.
girl driving car: oh crap i think i just hit that bird
guy passenger: wow it's not moving, I think you killed it... YOU BIRDERER
by Patrick Mick October 29, 2007
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Birderer- one who “murdersa bird.
That bird flew into my car. I feel like a birderer.
by Neuroscience Geek July 10, 2022
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Why is Johnny always getting the best girls?
He's a birder - simple
by Ollatron April 30, 2011
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A birder is a type of fish similar to how a fisher is a type of bird
Hey Cal do you see that birder over there in the shallow water?
by Shrev May 25, 2023
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