to get robbed by som mu fuckas
yo dat cracka ass mufcka had a fatass wad on him and i told u i bout to hit a lick, so i scraped and licked that basketball eatin walrus ass mu fucka
by wolfpackkilla January 12, 2009
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To be pwned. Another way to use is depressed. To have a stain or wet spot on your pants.
I just roflpwned that lil kid! He looked so LICKED! afterwords.
by Maacks September 24, 2006
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Say this word when you just licked something using your tongue.
A guy just licked a paper.
Guy: Licked!
by pierrette64 May 19, 2009
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Let’s go to the car to get licked

“Go to the car to drink”
by Bet456 February 22, 2019
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