a dope ass rapper from chicago. all he do is put his heart and soul into the mic when he make songs and actually makes his lyrics mean sum unlike a lotta rappers his age. he got 2 albums, "die a legend" and "the goat" and they both dope asf
guy 1: ay u hear polo g's new album
guy 2: hell yea he the goat
guy 3: that nigga deserve a grammy on god
guy 4: stfu yall gunna just dropped a new album
everyone: nobody care lame ass nigga
by 4kt_tez May 29, 2020
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Guy 1: Hey there is this one rapper named Polo G everyone's been talking about have any idea who he is.

by Veenzelll May 09, 2021
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A great newer rap artist. Goes by "Polo G" and is most commonly known for his big hits "Finer Things", "Pop Out", and "Dyin Breed".

Born: January 6, 1999 (age 20 years), Chicago, Illinois, United States
Full name: Taurus TremaniBartlett
Record label: Columbia Records
Albums: Die a Legend
Friend: Yooo did you hear Polo g's newest album Die a Legend??
Faggot: You do know he only has one album out right?
me: Ignore that fag, and yeah I did, shit goes hard!!
Faggot: You should listen to lil pump, he's gangstaaaaaaaaa
me: shut the fuck up.
by coolestkidever69420 August 07, 2019
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