a dope ass rapper from chicago. all he do is put his heart and soul into the mic when he make songs and actually makes his lyrics mean sum unlike a lotta rappers his age. he got 2 albums, "die a legend" and "the goat" and they both dope asf
guy 1: ay u hear polo g's new album
guy 2: hell yea he the goat
guy 3: that nigga deserve a grammy on god
guy 4: stfu yall gunna just dropped a new album
everyone: nobody care lame ass nigga
by 4kt_tez May 29, 2020
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ong tha best rapper from chicago. oms he a goat
Yo polo the goat fucktard
Polo G is the goat
by WoloComp December 4, 2021
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bro 1: AYO
bro2: what's up
bro 1: you listen to Polo G?
bro 2: ofc I listen to the GOAT
by Jaggy42069 August 22, 2021
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Guy 1: Hey there is this one rapper named Polo G everyone's been talking about have any idea who he is.

by Veenzelll May 10, 2021
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greatest artist of all time wipes yb and carti cause they're mid everything he says it's real put all of his hearth into his music always mentions the guy's rip guuci rip the twins.
Polo g is just simply the best no one can beat him
by charles rouillard bigest polo February 23, 2022
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Oh nah you don’t know who Polo G is by now in 2022? I feel bad for you lemme tell you all about this man, Polo G goes by THE GOAT and is one of the best to do it in the rap industry no questions. He dropped some of his best songs like RAPSTAR, 21, Martin And Gina, Pop Out and of course Smooth Criminal etc. he dropped songs with other popular artists like Flex with Juice WRLD back in 2020 and No Return with the Kid LAROI in 2021. His most popular albums are Hall Of Fame, Hall Of Fame 2.0, Die a Legend and The Goat.
Terrence: Yo you jamming out over there what you listening too?
Micheal: I’m listening to Smooth Criminal by that GOAT Polo G, and bro I’m telling you… THIS SHIT SLAAPPPPSSS
by Avatar Relief February 18, 2022
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