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A name given to a very beautiful girl that any guy would fall in love with. she does the cutest things that guys couldn't resist but smile and fall for her even more. She loves music and literally dances in the closet and most especially in the shower! She loves to explore, have fun and go on adventures, the girl who's absolutely up for anything, livin life to the fullest! She's very humble, doesn't believe that she's really beautiful even though all of her friends call her pretty. a very hardworking girl, would not sleep till she finishes her school work! Guys would have a hard time to figure her out cause she's very unpredictable, She's into designing things, Clothes, furniture just about everything! A strong girl, already learned her lesson about love cause of stupid guys who broke her heart. A one-of-a-kind girl, someone you know you could introduce to your family and friends without getting a bad feedback. She's the perfect girl. Something that you should really hang on to!
Guy 1: Woah look at that girl over there
Guy 2: Damn she's definitely a Liann
by 92xxx92 August 09, 2015
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A cheese buddy. Usually rocks to spiffing music! Abit Gorgeous, Very perverse HAHA a total HOTGEEK
Her style/music is soooo liannish
by Loverloverlover January 12, 2008
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The kind of girl who loves boys beginning with the letter B, for example Bret, Brass or Brandon.
Damn, that Liann loves Brandon !
by Lmfaoness October 16, 2010
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