Lieke is not just someone she is an amazing friend you can trust her and she is always the right person to talk, she’ll be there for you anytime. Lieke if you reading this you are a very special person, you are a good friend who is always there in need. Later you become a wonderful women with a nice guy and kids with the perfect house. Lieke iloveyou and I’m glad I have a friend like you!
Lieke: begins to laugh

Friends: laughing at her laugh
Everyone is happy en laughs with each other
by afriendwhoisalwaysthere October 30, 2019
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Lieke, a name usually given to epic people. Originally from greece. Formed out of Angelique, meaning "Angel".
Hakan: Hey Lieke!
Lieke: Hey Hakan!
by Flaffeh February 6, 2010
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an intentional spelling mistake of like, often used in online chatrooms, forums, etc.
omg!!!! i'm liek teh 1337z0rz!11212@#!1
by asdf February 21, 2003
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Used online where "like" would be used in normal conversation where it's not needed. It makes little or no difference to the meaning of the sentence.
"I know liek!"
"OMG Liek Hi!"
"You're liek totally wrong!"
by Gearóid June 20, 2006
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A common typo error for the word 'like' when u're typing it on a qwerty.
A: dude, i would liek to fuck her...
B: liek?
A: Oops, a typo...should have be 'like'
by Lugiamcg April 1, 2009
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A way of spelling "like" to make fun of valley-girls and lemmings.
by CreateYourself November 2, 2003
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A misspelling of like, which people use to prove they are 1337
that liek rocks d00d
by BadBurrito April 6, 2005
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