living your life to the fullest never having a dull moment and smiling no matter what because you only live once YOLO
yo i’m livin life
by lilly m yolo May 5, 2019
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A brand based on the principles of staying happy, being humble, and livin' life. Their mission statement is: Don't worry about the past, don't stress about the future. Just live life now and be happy.
Man: You seem so happy and content with your life; what's your secret?
Guy: I'm Ry Guy Livin' Life! No matter what my circumstances are, I strive to be humble, happy, and live my life. You may not be a stranger to sorrow or hurt, but happiness is something you can push for no matter your situation!
Man: Livin' life huh? It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.
by Ry Guy Livin' Life February 22, 2013
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A very popular song in the Huntington, long island area. Produced by a kid named matt whitney aka whitney (according to the song). featuring dan mcgale aka dmac. Both from huntington high school graduating in 2010. They talk about partying and having a good time with family, friends and girls and of course drinking. Definitely the peak of this rap crew's career. They are real nice guys was considered the unofficial anthem of the class of 2010.
hton senior and or junior of '10: Yo I heard you were livin' the life last weekend?!
hton senior and or junior of '10: Yeah man it was a great time i was bevin till the sun came up!
by football4lyfe94 April 1, 2011
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Living the good life, under the radar. Not perfect, but pretty good.
(See somebody chilling on the beach)

You: Livin' that 93 life!
Them: Ooh yeeaah...
by thecriscokitchen November 19, 2015
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1.) Enjoying the sweet elixir Miller High Life

2.) Being the envy of the town, being too cool for school

3.) Going through life from one bad ass event to the next

1.) "Gosh I'm thirsty, I really wish I could be livin' the high life right now."

2.) "Holy shit, have you seen his bright colored sunglasses? He must be livin' the high life."

3.) "I got kicked out of college for livin' the high life."
by Mary-Jillian Adam February 8, 2009
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living the sheltered life is pretty much being the lamest kid EVER! like it entails that you are a chupmunck and basically the lamest kid ever. you don't leave the confines of your room to go outside, you stay in your house and watch anime all the time. You read manga and watch that hentai(DON'T CLICK IT) and get off from that. The only time you will probably leave the house is to wither go to boy scouts or game stop. And i love game stop. just not with all the chupmuncks and lame-o's there. You know nothing about anything, like sex or drugs or anything. You live like a little Christian boy or girl. the way to figure out if a friend is living the sheltered life is to ask them "Are you living the sheltered life?" if their answer is "What?" or "huh?", then you should probably tell them that they are living that sheltered life. if their answer is "no." or "AWW HELL NAW!"then your friend is safe from living that sheltered life. you should probably help your friend who is living the sheltered life NOT live the sheltered life by taking them to the club and moving them into society so they can be healthy, normal people.
livin' that sheltered life
by haleighbaby:) May 4, 2011
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