A girl who is bold and will do anything for herself and has a great self confidence.
A bad bitch is lexi and Jordan
by Kaydence George August 2, 2019
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a bad bitch is a female who has a curved or thick like figure that is considered bad. When a girl is called a bad bitch it is usually by a male saying the is quite sexy.
person one Ay bro Samantha is a bad bitch.

person two yea bro she got the body type of a baddie god damn.
by Whosmax April 28, 2020
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You a Bad Bitch 😏
by It’s A Bad Bitch Party December 19, 2019
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A women or female who is confident. She is independent and strives for herself. She doesn't need anybody and you would be lucky to have somebody. She can control herself and her feelings. She is also irresistible
Dave:" Do you know Jessica?"
Jason:" Yeah. Why?"
Dave:" She is a real baddy. I'm gonna get that!"
Jason:" She is a bad bitch though. I'm gonna get it before you!"
by mbreezh November 26, 2016
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