lexus (noun) meaning an indivual possesing great potential, beauty as well as an immense ammount of drive, pleasant dissposition, good natured. extremly intelligent, very beautiful with a very unique sense of humor.
lexus is a very beautiful girl, and i love her very much!
by herbalangelkc February 4, 2010
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Luxury car manufacturer under Toyota. It is true that Lexus's are really Toyota's in Japan, but that doesn't mean they are cheap. In Germany and most of Europe, Mercedes's are cheap as well, just like some of the Toyota's in America you guys have been referring to.

One of the best quality cars ever built, engine will last you forever, as it was rated to be the most reliable auto maker.

The name "Lexus" is derived from Toyota's LE(luxury edition cars), US(United States), and X which is taken from the word luxury, with the overall meaning to say "Luxury Edition for the United States. Put the acronyms together and you get "Lexus."

You drive a Lexus? Damn you're rich!
by lexxxxxxxus August 23, 2006
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Luxury Cars that a lot of rappers like Biggie Smalls rap about
Them niggaz ride dicks, frank white push the sticks
On the lexus, lx, four and a half
Bulletproof glass tints if I want some ass

by eschmeezee July 28, 2006
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A Top of the line Luxury car built by the Toyota Motor Company Japan. The name 'LEXUS' meaning Luxury. EXport. to the US. L-EX-US. it does not mean "luxury edition for the us" because the japanese versions of the same car have sometimes had even greater luxury as with the toyota soarer (lexus sc400) where the japanese version had air suspension and gps back in 1991 where as the Lexus SC400 did not. but nowadays Toyota Motor Co. have adopted the Lexus name for it's luxury line in Japan as well even though the original name was meant just for the US.
I drive a Lexus SC400 which in japan is called a Toyota Soarer, I live in the united states so I have the Luxury Export to the US 'Lexus' version.
by carsnstuff May 27, 2010
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lexus = Sex on wheels.

they have power,

an engine that'll never die

great looks

and just plain awesome-ness
my lexus just ate that ricer alive
by timmytimtimtim June 12, 2009
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The Japanese Mercedes... or are they? The former leader in Asian luxury has been dethroned to second place following Genesis' assault on both the SUV and sedan markets, crucial for luxury brands these days, with stunning exteriors and interiors. Lexus still is capable of producing nice cars, as their LS and LC flagship offerings show, and their new 2022 NX is definitely going to give the Jaguar F-PACE and Mercedes-Benz GLC a run for their money, but no amount of exterior changes hides the fact that the IS is outdated as hell and we didn't even mention the LX and GX, which are dinosaurs at this point. At least they got rid of the touchpad. Their interiors are high quality but could use slight improvement. Lexus, I love you but y'all have a lot of work to do to be the Japanese Mercedes again.
Natalie: My mom got a new car!
Alex: Cool, what kind?
Natalie: A Lexus RX450h.
everyone: DAAAAMNNN
by henryfromny July 3, 2021
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Japanese prestige Car, big into bling in the US.

Best quality car built.

see also Lex
Driving in my Lexus, Rolling in my lexus
by Three wise monkeys October 3, 2005
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