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A Top of the line Luxury car built by the Toyota Motor Company Japan. The name 'LEXUS' meaning Luxury. EXport. to the US. L-EX-US. it does not mean "luxury edition for the us" because the japanese versions of the same car have sometimes had even greater luxury as with the toyota soarer (lexus sc400) where the japanese version had air suspension and gps back in 1991 where as the Lexus SC400 did not. but nowadays Toyota Motor Co. have adopted the Lexus name for it's luxury line in Japan as well even though the original name was meant just for the US.
I drive a Lexus SC400 which in japan is called a Toyota Soarer, I live in the united states so I have the Luxury Export to the US 'Lexus' version.
by carsnstuff May 26, 2010

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