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Acura's midsize SUV aiming for the Range Rover Sport, Genesis GV80, Lexus RX, Volvo XC90, Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GLE, but landing at the Honda Odyssey as its main competitor. The first gen and current model are nice but the second and third iterations of the MDX are disgusting ass cars. The second one just looks so bloated and heavy (see YD2,) with that ugly ass front end, while the third one is just a bloated minivan-station wagon combo straight from hell. Even with the 4th MDX being reasonably luxurious, it uses an outdated engine and is not QUITE at the level of the RRS, Cayenne, XC90, GLE and GV80 (the class leaders.)
Sarah: I got a new car! Well it's old... it's a 2008.
Nathan: Is it a Lexus? Or a BMW?
Sarah: It's an Acura MDX.
Nathan: What the hell...
by henryfromny July 3, 2021
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Pretty on the outside, dated on the inside. Infiniti used to make proper luxury cars capable of competing against Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Lexus, but their aging offerings paired with horrible interiors that wouldn't even look good in 2013 ruin the vibe. A shame, because the QX50, Q50 and Q60 are very sleek cars on the outside. Hopefully they get their shit together and start making competent luxury vehicles again, because Infiniti now is a shell of its former self. Stan Genesis and Mercedes for clear skin
Hannah: I'm officially a soccer mom now, I just got a 2018 Infiniti QX60.
Jessica: Nice! We have one too!
Olivia: Girl... not the outdated ass engine and the CVT speaking. Next caller, bitch.
by henryfromny July 3, 2021
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Samantha: I have an Audi A6.
George: Nice!
Jane: Not the overpriced Passat speaking...
by henryfromny July 14, 2021
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THE undisputed leader in luxury. Mercedes-Benz has been and always will be the blueprint for all other luxury car companies out there. While companies like Lexus and Jaguar have tried to emulate the Mercedes magic, they're never able to capture the timeless grace and elegance of a Benz. While their US offerings are messy (see the E class and compare it with the European model, we don't even get AMG line interiors,) and their cars are expensive to maintain, a Mercedes, like a Lexus but unlike a BMW, will last you until the very end of the world. Snobs will say their new cars are ugly and overrated but I wholeheartedly disagree. Mercedes continues to innovate with industry firsts, new technology, and cutting edge interior and exterior design. A used one is excellent value for the money. Simply put, the very best car in the world. Nothing will ever compare to a Mercedes.
Henry: I have a Jaguar. I do not care much for Mercedes. They are overrated-
Diana: Girl, shut the hell up. You're just mad that your car breaks the moment the warranty ends.
(*jk i love jags too*)
by henryfromny July 3, 2021
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A badass SUV driven by a 45-year old white dad from New York wanting to impress his wife. Usually traded in on either a Lexus or a Mercedes following the end of the lease. 10 years later picked up by either someone wanting to look rich or someone who will turn the soccer dad mobile into an overlanding rig. Clean ones aren't hard to find, but used and abused ones you should stay far away from. Range Rovers are either driven by "classy" (read; racist) British people or Sarah from the PTA in Texas whose kids always sell more girl scout cookies than yours.
"Henry has always bought Range Rovers."
"Who's Henry?"
"That dickhead with those spoiled ass kids on the lacrosse team."
"Of course that bitch has a Range Rover. Range Rovers are for snobs."
by henryfromny June 20, 2021
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The Japanese Mercedes... or are they? The former leader in Asian luxury has been dethroned to second place following Genesis' assault on both the SUV and sedan markets, crucial for luxury brands these days, with stunning exteriors and interiors. Lexus still is capable of producing nice cars, as their LS and LC flagship offerings show, and their new 2022 NX is definitely going to give the Jaguar F-PACE and Mercedes-Benz GLC a run for their money, but no amount of exterior changes hides the fact that the IS is outdated as hell and we didn't even mention the LX and GX, which are dinosaurs at this point. At least they got rid of the touchpad. Their interiors are high quality but could use slight improvement. Lexus, I love you but y'all have a lot of work to do to be the Japanese Mercedes again.
Natalie: My mom got a new car!
Alex: Cool, what kind?
Natalie: A Lexus RX450h.
everyone: DAAAAMNNN
by henryfromny July 3, 2021
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