An export is a pint sanctioned by a beloved local. Unlike a regular pint, this one is endorsed by the pub, who are entirely happy that you take it home with you, glass and all.

It must be noted that with power comes great responsibility. The glass must be returned within a 24 hour period, lest said privileges be revoked.

Should a member of staff ever question the loyalty of an export beneficiary, his/her door keys must be offered to whomever asks, with an invitation to check said home for unreturned glasses. If a single pub glass is found, said folk be barred for a month.
You: 'What time are you closing tonight?'
Host: 'In twenty minutes'
You: 'May I have a pint now… and an export for later?'
Host: 'Certainly'
by little-miss can't do wrong September 9, 2011
Export simply means to steal or to commit a robbery.
Do you want to export this mans yard?

ey mi bredwin, cum we export dis mans yardd yannoe we need a tool
by Shotta554 March 21, 2011
When something is exportant, it give the significance to something else.

Important items bring the significance to themselves, as an import is brought to the country. Exportant items are like exports; they are given elsewhere.
Band class in middle school is not important at all, but it is exportant, however. It shows how significant the high school band is.
by N@y June 30, 2012
Sth exportant is unimportant.
Well, to be honest, globalization is just exportant for me.
by meyapar February 25, 2009
The best kind of cigarettes canada has to offer!!
Medium King size is the shit
''Im really craving Export 'A' a smoke that can hit the spot!!''
by Martin J March 10, 2006
To speak in a very slow manner so those with limited understanding of English can understand you better. Used extensively in conversations with foreigners whilst working abroad or in discussions with those new to the United Kingdom from say India. Also involves the use of simple words in simply constructed sentences. First expressed by Sir Alan Sugar on The Apprentice.
'W H A T, D O, Y O U, T H I N K, A B O U T, T H A T, I D E A, ?' followed by a nod (or waggle) of the head from the other party and my immediate response ' N O, T H A T, W A S, A, Q U E S T I O N, I, A M, S P E A K I N G, I N, EXPORT ENGLISH, S O, Y O U, C A N, U N D E R S T A N D, M E.
by TwoBlonds September 6, 2012
Brand of New Zealand beer made by DB breweries, tastes like watered down horse urine. Sponsers Cricket New Zealand and is the only booze available at the games, crowds are dwindling since this arrangement was made.
"Hey Bolge, this Export Gold tastes like watered down horse urine"
by Jessie Ryder March 6, 2008