A group of 4 really good looking fun guys that GTL minus the T. They work out together, wing man together, and often times bring out their biceps to see who has the biggest ones.
They are the life of the party.

GLC can be comparable to the group on Jersey Shore.
WE ARE GLC !!!!!
by Mel0n February 9, 2011
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Goldie Lookin' Chain

This is a welsh rap band, possibly the best rap band in the world! Safe as fuck!
"Hey, I heard that your mother's got a penis, GLC told me!" "Tidy!"
by The Fez January 2, 2004
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"Goldie Lookin' Chain" ... A rap group that completely mocks chav culture, yet chavs are too stupid to realise it. The name says that they're obviously out to mock! They see them as being 'safe', others see them as being hilarious. A great band.
"Your missus is a nutter!" - GLC
by Spuff November 15, 2005
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Possibly the best white rap group since the Beasties
You fucking knows it, clart!
Examples of their fine lyrics:

"Vanilla Ice made my mother say 'fuck'"

"Guns don't kill people, rappers do, I seen it in a documentary on BBC2"

"When I goes out I dose a rinses run, and when I goes home I touches my mum"

"J-Lo means shit to me, P.Diddy means shit to me, Ja Rule means shit to me. Fuck you, Alicia Keys"

"Walkin' down the street, my next door neighbours not impressed, I'm a robot and buyin' ten fags is my quest"

"It's a shock to me and it's a shock to you, your mother's got a beard, sandals and a penis too!"

"Sound of the police, woop woo woo!"
by zutroy August 30, 2004
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Newport based rap act. Progenitors of a completely new way of speaking. Very soon people will address each other in the ways laid down by the almightly chaingang.

see or for more informations.
Clart. Brah. Spa. Innit. Youknowsit. Safe as Fuck.
by Colonel Applesquirt December 17, 2004
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Good luck cunt. A heavily sarcastic implication that you have no chance.
by rageTh1rt3en August 3, 2017
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goldie looking chain. a rap band from newport that everyone finds 'wicked' ive heard their rapping and its, well, shit.
guy1:dude you heard GLC yesterday?
guy2:no they are shit AND overgrown chavs.
by horty jimmacon June 4, 2005
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