One one of the best rappers of all time along wit Tupac. RIP Biggie
by Mike March 27, 2004
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A truly great late rapper, alias name of The Notorious BIG, shot dead while riding in a car similar and very suspicious to the death of Tupac Shakur.
RIP The Notorious BIG 1972-1997
AKA Biggie Smalls, Christopher Walllace
by Predeckis May 20, 2006
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Biggie Smalls DID NOT kill Tupac, you dipshits. The feud, actually, was a bunch of confusion and assumptions that I'm sure many regret today. I firmly believe Suge Knight killed both Biggie and Tupac, however.

You have to take in account that besides the fued the two were in Biggie Smalls was one of the greatest rappers ever. Many people who are still on "Tupac's side" still think Biggie Smalls is a piece of shit and vice versa. For the love of music, people. Seriously..
Biggie Smalls died March 9th, 2004. He was only 24.
by foam December 24, 2004
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Argueably (and in my opinion) the best mc/rapper to ever grace the mic.
Tupac has nothing on some of his songs (no disrespect intended, 2 Pac is the second best rapper :P ), no matter how fat he was, he still rocked.

P.S Can everyone stop disrespecting him please, hes dead, so what if hes fat etc. Tupac dissed him because he thought he was involved (didnt tell him about) in the new york shooting and robbery incident. Either way, its Tupacs beef not yours, so shut up and listen to Ready to Die or Life After Death (fuck Born Again) and realise how great this man really was.

R.I.P Christoper Wallace, The Greatest.
Big up, Big up, Its a Stick-Up, Stick -Up, And im shooting Niggaz quick if they Hiccup...

"Gimme The Loot" - Ready To Die - Track 3

Fucking Amazing

R.I.P Big Poppa
by James D May 8, 2005
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Putting one armrest up very high on a co-worker's chair, while lowing the other armrest all the way down. The perfect time to do this is when a co-worker gets up to leave or go to the bathroom. You should harass the person until they realize the arms at at different heights.
Dude, I gave Jamie a Biggie Smalls 3 months ago and he still hasn't noticed!
by Dirty Don November 19, 2007
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when you have one big titty and one little titty
Silky's mamma has one big titty and little and they called the bitch biggie smalls
by tallmofo65 September 30, 2005
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An excellent rapper, and no doubt was the best one around. It is too bad he was killed. He was awesome. They didn't call him Big Poppa for nothin. I mean, he's enormous.
Biggie Smalls so fat,:
-He bungee jumped and took the bridge down with him.
-That the scale said "GET THE FUCK OFF!"
-That the scale said "one at a time please."
-When he went to the all-u-can-eat buffet, they had to install speed bumps.
-His blood type is Rocky Road.
by Me, Myself, and I November 30, 2004
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