According to the spinoff of the anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh, titled, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, the letters GX stand for for Generation Next.
How the bleeping Hell GX stands for Generation Next, I will never know. Well, its Generation neXt, I guess. Still seems like bull to me.
by Namahagetecno37 June 19, 2008
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To trim an individual's ass hair with the aid of one's teeth.
"man, i totally gx'ed that bitch last night... like i gx'ed yo momma!"
by emily walford January 26, 2005
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Generation X: Wrestling faction of the Anarchist Wrestling Federation, Cape May County, NJ chapter.
A.K.A. the OTCRN or Organization That Chooses to Remain Nameless
Face the wrath of the members of GX.
Witness the return of GX
by Chris Calvert April 16, 2004
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Using heavy technical terms, abbreviations and jargon in an argument to make up for lack of knowledge, insight and logic.

popular usage amongst geeks and nerds.
(gx - Gaseous Exhaust)

gx-ification (or gxification)
gx-ed (or gxed)
"dude, there's not enough time. just take the basic presentation and gx-ify some slides and present it to the client"

"no point replying. there is too much gx-ification in this email. cant put up any logic against this.."
by moralpolice December 14, 2009
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1. A fictional spaceship which originated in the classical DOS game Descent which was developed by Parallax Studios. Went on to be in game mods, Descent II, and a few Descent III mods.

According to Descent II, this ship contains a warp core that is known to malfunction. Any sole being that flies this ship is know as a Material Defender, as they are most likely in the ship to disinfect PTMC mines of rampant robots.
Hey man, i am working for PTMC and i am plying this neat ship with 2 wings and 2 wings on the top with 4 missile slots and 4 laser slots.

Well, it must be the Pyro GX!
by Nero the Master June 4, 2008
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a person who plays critical ops with a fucking controller
Man, Jeff is such a GX-RAZOR!
by somtangwong September 23, 2017
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Opera GX Is a spyware browser that lets the Chinese Government steal your private information.

Aside from that, it's an alright browser that lets you limit your CPU and GPU usage to optimize the browser while gaming.
It's still stealing your private information though, don't let the funky design choices confuse you.
Opera GX lets you limited your CPU or GPU usage while gaming AND steals your private information!
by xXEipstienIslandXx July 28, 2023
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