What's your name?
by mybliss January 05, 2010
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An Irish surname, commonly given to totally awesome chicks named Eileen. There's a famous author named Flannery O'Connor.
With a name like Flannery, it's no wonder she's so damn pale...
by E-Flan October 28, 2008
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The most amazing person in the whole world, she is nice, smart, and will make you laugh. Flannery is perfect and she loves McDonald’s Big Macs, and she also is the best person in the whole wide world so when u find a flannery, keep her forever
Flannery always talks about how she wants to eat a Big Mac from McDonald’s
by Carolinabells3 August 19, 2019
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The best actress to ever exist in The 100. Super hot and too queer to make her character seem straight. Also plays guitar, is/going to be an aunt, and also has cool friends.
Shelby Flannery's character, Hope Diyoza, is really hot and definitely gay. I ship her with Echo.
by echope endgame October 17, 2020
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1) A mysterious creature also known as famm and generally sleeps all day and never goes out and has crack anymore........ many people avoid such as Ryan Leadbetter

2) Bombaclat ;)
by Rodney Wallace August 03, 2010
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is probably best known for his role in the boondock saints, the best movie ever
man sean patrick flannery kicked ass in BDS
by fasdhdsfsdf January 19, 2008
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