The coolest and best girl you’ll ever meet. Her only real flaw is her own self doubt. She thinks a dumb thigh injury will ruin her life. She’s the only one who doubts herself but luckily for her, she has tons of people that believe in her.
John: Did you see that really awesome girl with the fanny pack?

Joe: Who? You mean Lejla
by Asdfjkllbb October 11, 2019
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Loving person who you can trust and listens to everybody, but don't fuck with her cause she will break your neck
Person 1: "i was talking to lejla yesterday, she's better than my therapist"

Person 2: "yea but she could be dangerous if you say the wrong things"
by LOLOLIL January 7, 2018
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Lejla is one of the nicest girls you will ever meet. She is caring and loves to help people. But if you fuck with her she isn't as Nice anymore. She loves food and cats, thats what you hear her talking about all day long. Its Nice to have a lejla in your life.
Kid1: do you know lejla she's so Nice

Kid2: YES but she had a beef with A few girls this morning
by LOLOLIL February 26, 2017
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Lejla is a really beautiful, nice and succesful Girl. She has a amazing voice, treat people with Kindness and is very smart. She seem to be a arrogant girl but as if you know her she is the loveliest and sweetest girl you know. She has good manners and is really respectful to olders.
Omg, isn’t she lovely. I wish more People would be like Lejla.
by Rose_flower_rus9820 January 6, 2019
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A pretty young girl with long brown hair.Smart and sometimes awkward,but still cute.Loves music more than anything else.Pretty shy and quiet.
Dude see that cute girl,that's Lejla .
by Ksoss August 22, 2019
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Usually the hottest girls in the world, usually from the balkans. Hot, Hot, Hot!! Athletic as fuck and literally good at anything, don’t mess with her (especially when she’s on her period) or she’ll shove a stick up your ass!
You see that girl? She’s almost hotter than Lejla!
Hey bro back off. That’s Lejla
by User1236384929372 January 6, 2021
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just about the biggest G to walk the face of the earth.

usually seen carrying lots of money.

she has alot of friends and people like her.

shes usually bosnian so that means if you fuck with her

get ready cause shes finna pop a cap up your ass.

helllll yeaaaa 8

kid#2: son of a bitch.. shes such a lejla, damn bro.
by bbitchyyy January 7, 2019
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