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just about the biggest G to walk the face of the earth.
usually seen carrying lots of money.
she has alot of friends and people like her.
shes usually bosnian so that means if you fuck with her
get ready cause shes finna pop a cap up your ass.
helllll yeaaaa 8

kid#2: son of a bitch.. shes such a lejla, damn bro.
by watsgood February 24, 2009
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A pretty young girl with long brown hair.Smart and sometimes awkward,but still cute.Loves music more than anything else.Pretty shy and quiet.
Dude see that cute girl,that's Lejla .
by Ksoss August 22, 2019
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A loving and caring girl who always wants to have new friends and Will always help someone in need. At times she could and can be very annoying with her friend jada.but then again Lejla try’s to make good choices and will succeed in life:)
You know Lejla ?? Yea! I really want to be her friend she seems so sweet
by Natalie Loofe June 13, 2018
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The coolest and best girl you’ll ever meet. Her only real flaw is her own self doubt. She thinks a dumb thigh injury will ruin her life. She’s the only one who doubts herself but luckily for her, she has tons of people that believe in her.
John: Did you see that really awesome girl with the fanny pack?

Joe: Who? You mean Lejla
by Asdfjkllbb October 10, 2019
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lejla, a homosexual or more commonly used alongside the derogotory term "fag" or "faggot".
katie: i thought this guy was cute but he turned out to be a lejla.
by -c-c- June 24, 2008
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