A Term in music.

Also, the telepathic (and psychopathic) follower of Knives.
I think he's Knives' bitch. Oh well.
by Leiko October 06, 2004
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A servant of Knives in the series Trigun. Legato and Vash are able to telepathically communicate because one of Vash's arms was grafted onto Legato. Legato is very similar to Knives in that his goal is to see the end of humanity. Speaking of psychic powers, Legato possesses psychokinetic powers with enough potential to murder people in an artistic manner (see the show to see some examples).
"Are you actually crying....Vash?.....*smiles*"
by Dave June 23, 2004
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A sexy mofo from the series Trigun ^.^ Don't let him near food... o_0x
Please don't feed the sexy Legato-Sama.
by P-chan August 04, 2003
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A middle aged douche bag who wears his hair like the Fonz or Scott Baio thinking he is cool.
Look at that hair helmet that guy is like 50 years old! What a Legatos!
by onewipedanny May 02, 2015
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The Motivational boost you receive from passing cars while running or the last 100m of the race.
I was tired, but when I saw the cars approaching my body kicked into Legato.
by Runlikeagirl July 01, 2017
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making two things longer and smoothly connected.
The lazy worker would often legatoize his breaks and could be frequently seen drinking many cups at the water cooler.

The orchestra teacher legatoized the two notes.
by bballmason6 November 04, 2009
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Being both smooth and cool at the same time, the term originates from internet-rapper Zach Sherwin's similarly named music video on made-up slang.
"Tom is such a subtile douchebag. He needs to learn from Zach, who's more Legato Gelato!"
by dNea October 26, 2013
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