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pallow (noun)
special form of a pillow, used in a certain irc channel
A pallow is a pillow as soft as a marshmallow
pallow is (TM) by Minui
Minui baps you with a pallow

Minui hands you a pallow and a cookie - welcome to #a2000a
by P-Chan March 19, 2005
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Japanese word, meaning fire.
Er.... "Holy crap, your house is on Kaki!" ER...It'l lsound better if you say the whole sentence in Japanese, trust meh >_>;
by P-chan May 24, 2004
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A sexy mofo from the series Trigun ^.^ Don't let him near food... o_0x
Please don't feed the sexy Legato-Sama.
by P-chan August 04, 2003
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Proper noun. Nagash is the Breaker of Worlds, the Son of Cthulu.
"Fucking Nagash showed up and now I have to do his demo. Breaker of worlds better give me an app."
by P-chan April 14, 2005
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