Applicant admitted to a selective school partially because their parent(s) also went there.
Is legacy admission unfair?
by Setsuna September 15, 2004
omg i heard you started watching Legacies and now you can't stop even tho it's horrible i hope you feel better soon unfortunately doctors say there's no cure except for a lobotomy and to be admitted!
by hosieendgame April 10, 2021
One of the best 90+ clans on RuneScape. They are led by two extremely sexy males that go by Lefty2802 and Golten0. You want to join them because of their great community and hours of laughter. You will make many great friends. There is also these pretty hot beast by the name of Dav 13, but he calls himself God often.
The RuneScape clan The Legacy is very pwnage.
by Lefty2802 April 4, 2008
The result of, after an initial input, failing to lower your digital hand during an online conference, illiciting a second request for input.
"Ian, you wanted to comment?"

"Ah sorry Paddy - that's a legacy hand"
by Koso82 June 18, 2020
Legacy Storms is butthurt motherfucker on xbox where he bitches about how he is getting killed all the time in any game he plays and sometimes block that person because he can't come up with a good excuse or roast.
Legacy Storms block me because he got salty and kept getting killed by me at any shooter game he encounters.
by QwertyTwinkleToes May 30, 2019
The legacy media are part of the established, elite "Old Guard" of publishing and broadcasting in media. Legacy media groups are corporate owned.
A handful of corporations own the bulk of the legacy media, or mainstream media, that is consumed daily by the public.
by burbankstorylady October 19, 2018
A legend/myth which occurred in 1945, when the 3 Allied Powers, United States, China, and Russia, combined funds, which in total was 100 billion dollars, to battle the Axis powers. This is how the Atomic Bomb and many other advances in technology was made. Rumor has it that a large portion of it is still hidden. The men and women who were involved in The Philosopher's Legacy were also known as the Twelve Wisemen's Committee, the Patriots, or the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo
by Dave February 23, 2005