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Shiva's form as the lord of the dance, who, kinda like Atlas, keeps the world going (but instead of lifting it, he dances on it).

Usually shown as a graceful guy in dreads with four arms dancing in a circular ring of fire.
A bronze of Nataraja: don't leave India without one.
by Setsuna September 15, 2004
The brand name "Canon" is another spelling of this goddess' name.
by Setsuna September 15, 2004
A line of classy 22"-tall ball-jointed resin "doll figures" made by Volks in Japan. Come in versions made either to resemble ten-year-olds or thirteen-year-olds.

"SD" for short.
Some SDs can be prohibitively expensive.

If you're addicted to SDs, stay off Yahoo! Japan.
by Setsuna September 15, 2004
"After two years as an i-banker, I'll just buy my own island and retire."

Many kids in undergraduate business programs are disillusioned by the thought of doing the i-banking routine when they graduate.
by Setsuna September 15, 2004
One who blasphemes.
July was condemed too hell, for she was a blasphemer, and a whore.
by Setsuna November 3, 2003
Non-resident Indian.
Banks like to cater to NRIs by offering ways for them to send money to their families in India.
by Setsuna September 15, 2004
1. An early form of modern jazz.
2. The name of Spike and crew's spaceship in Cowboy Bebop (an anime).
3. The name of one of Shredder's henchmen (the mutant boar) in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon (1980s) and anime (1996).
Bop and bebop are the same kind of music.

Bebop: I'm glad they didn't use that brain switcher thing on Rocksteady and me.
Shredder: Don't worry, you can't switch something that isn't there.
by Setsuna September 15, 2004