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Variant of "Jagannath," a name for the Hindu deity Krishna. "Juggernaut" is likely a British mispronunciation.

Today, though, a "juggernaut" is generally a force beyond mortal control.
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
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The brand name "Canon" is another spelling of this goddess' name.
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
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1. Art of painting an herbal henna paste on the body in intricate designs (as the paste sets, it temporarily dyes the skin underneath a shade of orange or red). Sometimes called a "henna tattoo."
2. This guy Daler's last name.
Mehndi on children's hands is a good way to keep them out of trouble, because they can't touch anything as the paste dries.
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
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Applicant admitted to a selective school partially because their parent(s) also went there.
Is legacy admission unfair?
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
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"Hello" and "goodbye" in India. Like "aloha," but said while clasping both hands (like in prayer, I guess) in front of you.

A slightly more formal variant is "namaskar."
Going in: "Namaste."
Going out: "Namaste."
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
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Shiva's form as the lord of the dance, who, kinda like Atlas, keeps the world going (but instead of lifting it, he dances on it).

Usually shown as a graceful guy in dreads with four arms dancing in a circular ring of fire.
A bronze of Nataraja: don't leave India without one.
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
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Fascinating new field that uses advances in neuroscience and psychology to better understand economic decisionmaking, with the intent of improving contemporary economic models.
Neuroeconomics is the most fascinating incarnations of behavioral economics.

Trying to major in neuroeconomics is hard, because it hasn't been formally done before.
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
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