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The legacy media are part of the established, elite "Old Guard" of publishing and broadcasting in media. Legacy media groups are corporate owned.
A handful of corporations own the bulk of the legacy media, or mainstream media, that is consumed daily by the public.
by burbankstorylady October 19, 2018
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n. Primarily mature newspaper and television news outlets that believe they are the final word on any topic. These news organizations fail to acknowledge newly formed news sources and don't seem to understand that when they leave out information or emphasize the aspects of a story that aren't really helpful or pertinent, that they will be found out by those who understand the situation and have access to multiple news sources.

Typically these legacy news sources can identified as the major broadcast television networks and major national newspapers that have been in existence long before there was cable television.
The legacy media outlets were all abuzz as they reported six original documents critical of President Bush's national guard service and continued to report the documents as authentic even as they were proved to be fakes.
by imotore October 22, 2008
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Media usually known for following the main stream narrative, while spreading false information on a regularly basis, thus rapidly loosing credibility and viewership.
Usually founded decades ago and thus, thanks to the lack of otherwise, nowadays digital alternatives used to being the Mainstream source of Information and aquired a high level of economic succes and propagandistic persuasiveness, that is now on the decline.
Usually there is a negative connotation to the term.
A: Did you watch the Legacy Media last night? I just couldnt stop laughing at the 3rd wave feminist asian afro american transgender Moderator talking about his wrong assigned Gender.
B: No.
by KIM jONG fUNG May 10, 2018
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