The legacy media are part of the established, elite "Old Guard" of publishing and broadcasting in media. Legacy media groups are corporate owned.
A handful of corporations own the bulk of the legacy media, or mainstream media, that is consumed daily by the public.
by burbankstorylady October 19, 2018
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TL;DR Version:

Every news outlet is owned by a billionaire or $100+ billion corporation.

Every news outlet ignored or underplayed the Epstein story--not a single "journalist" (see: *company*) asked why the feds didn't try to strike a deal with Maxwell for the client list.

(We know the client list--Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and Allan "I kept My Underwear On" Dershowitz, Trump's attorney--none of them have been brought in for questioning).


The NOT TLDR Version:

Bloomberg is owned by billionaire Bloomberg. MSN is owned by Bill Gates. Murdoch owns Fox News/Wall Street Journal. The Allbritton family owns Politico. Carlos Slim has the largest stake in the NYTimes. Sumner Redstone owned ViacomCBS. Bezos owns The Washington Post....

Disney owns ABC. Barclays/Fidelity are the largest stakeholders of MSNBC. Turner controls CNN, along with 200 countries around the world.

Other countries work similarly. Het Laatste Nieuws, the biggest publication in Belgium, is owned by the billionaire Van Thillio family... etc.

Meanwhile, every news outlet is sponsored by Pfizer advertisements--notice zero news outlets asked why "the science changed" so many times.

Why are you considered a "conspiracy theorist" and compared with flat-earthers if you ask these questions?

How did two guards fall asleep and a camera turn off while Epstein was supposedly committing suicide?

If you good answers to any of these questions, then it sounds like the Legacy Media is for you :)
"While you were out watching 'The Bachelorette,' the legacy media convinced everyone that the biggest problem in the world was race... little did they know that the legacy media was entirely and absolutely owned by just a few billionaires who needed to distract humanity from 'classism' because then people would REALLY tweak out."

(Why did ABC and CBS (legacy media outlets) both censor the Epstein story and even fire a staffer for leaking the story?

"Little Libby Libby knew that white people were the biggest threat to humanity because she heard it from the TV--but what the legacy media left out was that 5 corporations, all ran by a billionaire mafiia club, control all the news channels."

"Don't worry about the Epstein/Maxwell Client List--the Legacy Media *should* be talking about how Kanye West is mentally ill for wearing a t-shirt."
by Eyyyy Nephew Bernard! October 7, 2022
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n. Primarily mature newspaper and television news outlets that believe they are the final word on any topic. These news organizations fail to acknowledge newly formed news sources and don't seem to understand that when they leave out information or emphasize the aspects of a story that aren't really helpful or pertinent, that they will be found out by those who understand the situation and have access to multiple news sources.

Typically these legacy news sources can identified as the major broadcast television networks and major national newspapers that have been in existence long before there was cable television.
The legacy media outlets were all abuzz as they reported six original documents critical of President Bush's national guard service and continued to report the documents as authentic even as they were proved to be fakes.
by imotore October 22, 2008
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"Legacy media" is politi-speak that political conservatives use to identify long-standing ("mature") media outlets (such as the TV news networks - ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc., and the major print news services - New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times., etc.) Typically, these ostensibly "left-wing" news outlets are critical of conservative political agendas. Why the conservative wordsmiths use "legacy media" instead of "liberal media" is a mystery. Perhaps they feel that the term "liberal media" has been kicked around too long and needs replacement.
liberal elite
"Many in the legacy media love mass shootings (because of the TV ratings they garner)."
Dana Loesch, spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, in a speech before the American Conservative Society, February 22, 2018.
by Don Casual February 23, 2018
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