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1. Any of various chiefly moronic filesucking, bandwiidth hogging, and carnivorous 'users' of the class assholenea takeallus, of which one species (homo forumis) is generally found to suck in forums too.

2. One that preys on or clings to another; a parasite, fileleech.

3. One on who existance depends on the good deeds of others, but never themselves.

4. One who does not support the community.
slx laughs as he leeches off P2P. 'What fools they are!', he thinks to himself, 'P2P my ass, P2ME I say! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!'
by Ðiego December 09, 2002
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State of mind/place of mental residence of a fucktard; those engaged in fucktardary
slx is the Lord Mayor of Fucktardia
by Ðiego December 07, 2002
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The actions of a fucking retard fucktard and/or that with which they engage themselves.
Harby was reputed for his fucktardary
by Ðiego November 23, 2002
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To take food, often not belonging to you, for the purpose of immediate consumption.
Spike was stoned and so skarfed the kitchen with the munchies..
by Ðiego May 15, 2003
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A system (PC) assembled from parts which are dead/refuse to function in other systems.
It's alive! ALIVE!!
by Ðiego December 04, 2002
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Those of a nature and brought forth by Bo to establish His Will upon the seething masses through various modus apparandi fucktardary
And Bo did at once cause to be a Domain of His Design and upon this Empire He did set forth ye Gods to administer His Hand
by Ðiego August 01, 2003
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