"Josh was the laziest senior at ASMS...I'm suprised he graduated," said the senior.
by Josh April 29, 2003
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When someone, in this case Holly Ruth Guza, does not want to clean her pool by herself, would rather pay some money instead of complete an easy task
Don't go to a lazy persons house to swim
by NotTylerTheCreator June 30, 2015
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When you decide to review definitions on Urban Dictionary and you say yes to everything.
Lucy: why did u say yes to that definition, its so inappropriate
Me: im lazy
by I like avocados November 02, 2019
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American Laziness
-Doing more than whats necessary for something simple.

Other Forms
-Refusing to move for even the simplest of tasks.
1) I am so lazy I trained a parrot to change the channel instead of getting new batteries for a remote; Instead of pulling my periodic table out of my backpack, I installed the periodic table app onto my iPod

2) I refuse to move to change the channel; HONEY, can you change the channel; Honey, can you get me some batteries
by Feildmaster November 20, 2009
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