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A married couple that doesn't share a bed.
She said they were gonna lucy & ricky it because he snores too loud.
by potato-sensei February 07, 2006

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(adjective) A replacement word for the "f" word. It's origins date back to April 22, 2005 when a joke was made about an engrish phrase "Fack you man." It was said that the opposite of fack is nuck, but it's very tongue tying, and sometimes comes out as f*ck and nack, thus the word "nack".
Dude! That movie was nackin rad!
by potato-sensei July 07, 2006

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The correct term for someone who does cosplay. Or at the very least, it means that the person cosplays well.

This usually means that they take part in cosplay groups, do skits to go with their costumes, sew their own costumes, and maybe write a doujinshi on the side. Their costumes generally look better than most cosplayers because they spend more time and more money laying out a pattern and taking the time to do it right.
Jan Kurotaki is one of the best layers in Japan.
by potato-sensei February 07, 2006

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(v). to royally pwn someone on a forum because you know more than they do on a subject, and you have proof, plus you do so eloquently. Often results in "kudos" from other people, if you really are right about something.
1. She totally grammard all over his ass because he'd only seen two episodes of the show, when she owned the entire boxed set on DVD.

2. I could kick you in the shins and grammar all over you.

3. Never argue with a nerd about cartoons. Ever.
by potato-sensei November 17, 2006

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1. Another way of saying that something is "gay" (not neccessarily dissing homosexuals) or "messed up"; effed, funked, crapped, or whatever else a person would use to express that something that is negative in nature.

2. A way to express that something or someone is gay.

Both definitions date back to 2005 referring to the movie about two homosexual men, "Brokeback Mountain".
1. "Bob was in a hit-and-run! Dude, it was totally brokeback."

2. "Man purses are brokeback."
by potato-sensei February 03, 2006

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