This is what Muslim men call a one night stand!
That girl, Wanda Wonderpig, is a rug!
by I, Wreckerrr January 7, 2021
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On the drive to the cabin Jim gave his girl road rug (rugging).

Jim has been known to rug for free
by Kmart July 5, 2012
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the appearance of a boy, usually in his teens, that includes a bit of scruff, buff and a lot of sexy. A rugged boy is the kind you would want to be alone in the wilderness with, for more than one reason.
Gosh, Victor sure is rugged.

Ya, I don't know anyone quite as sexy.
by Carissa G June 14, 2008
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A super attractive, confident, hard-core, badass person. Often capable of weathering extreme climate conditions and physical exertion. Rugged people can be found shopping at REI, participating in outdoor team sports, hiking or camping, and might also have qualities associated with earth-muffins. Rugged people may or may not be swoll.
"That girl is so rugged, she just got back from a two-week, minimalist, back-packing trip. I wouldn't want to compete with her in a ultimate frisbee competition, she'd totally kick my ass".
by Earthmuffin2000 November 26, 2012
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Something that really ties a room together.
The Dude: That rug really tied the room together, man.

The Big Lebowski
by Balfdor January 10, 2007
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Are you gay ?

Clarification sought by an observer of outwardly homosexual behaviour exhibited by tatooed British expatriate male living in Singapore, working in a male dominated industry. Occurs in "episodes" typically perpetrated in bars and clubs where attraction to (and of) transvestites is evident. Followed by periods of introspection and self examination leading to "closet" activities that are dangerous if they occur in mens changing rooms. Inner rage an conflict leads to facial distortion resembling grotesque elfin creature of folklore.
If you see a Goblin observing you in an affectionate manner, ask it: "RUG?"
by Andy Mathieson September 30, 2004
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The hairy beast surrounding the vaginal orifice.

Usually munched by a muncher of rugs.
I sucked on that rug so hard that when her pubes came out I used them as floss.

by Wang Hang Lo June 17, 2003
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