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telling lies to get laid
Dude, you wouldn't believe what he told her so he could screw her. He's worse than players and liars--a real layer.
by Steed Dropout August 22, 2012

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bragging about the tech-specks of your stereo.
my stereo can drive Empire State Building sized speakers. They said it had 500 watts.

Yeah man, but that's some stereo-ego; do you work for Best Buy or something?
by steed dropout August 16, 2012

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matching tattoos, commemorating undying devotion that will die about the time you tire of the tat-twos, and each other
"Hey babes, let's get tat-twos to show we'll always be true."
by Steed Dropout September 15, 2012

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From the latest news dispatches of reporter firings:

what you submit for publication, containing previous work, and palming it off as new and original, because you mistakenly thought you could use your own content, and besides, you're on dead-line, or lazy or don't give a fuck
"Just before firing me, the Chief said, all red-faced, self-plagiarism is not permitted here--take your cold-copy and pick up your check."

"Bummer what now?"

"My memoirs on being fired from this famous paper."
by Steed Dropout September 15, 2012

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an erection caused by co-ed dorms, usually the co-ed bathrooms.
"I had just tamed my wake-up boner, when SHE walked in,

and, BOING!--it was back, a raging dorm-boner.

"What'd you do?"

"I jammed it under the sink, and went on shaving."
by Steed Dropout September 15, 2012

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When a dental dominatrix. does a number on you, using scary procedures as whip and chains.
"Dude, my sexy dentamatrix dentist worked me over pretty good yesterday. I was screaming pull it out, pull it out now! I'm still freaked.

Doesn't that violate the rules of dominance, man? Did you launch?

She said, contemptuously, "Clean yourself off."

I was totally ashamed. My balls have shrunk, man.
by Steed Dropout August 25, 2012

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From tête-à-tête, a face to face social event, but this is tit to tit, where a man brushes against a girl's tits with his chest, or two girls touch.
"I went tit to tit with her yesterday, when a lurch on the metro threw me against her."

"OMG," then what happened?"

"I turned beet red, and stiffened, even though I tried to suppress my ten-foot pole."
by Steed Dropout August 29, 2012

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