A phrase designed to dismiss what someone has said in a manner both abject and sardonic. Its precise meaning is somewhere in between "Sorry for partying" and "Cool story, bro".
by smelios November 23, 2010
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An interjectory outburst created by C*****n H**d which can be used for near any occasion in which one shows agreement with what's going on. Usually said in less than half a second, in a quick outburst, with more emphasis and tone of agreement being put on the "o", and during a period of short pause in the main speaker's conversation.
Man #1: Let's go get some tacos.

Man #2: ya 'bro.

Econ Teacher: So when you want to start a business, you need money...

Student: ya 'bro.


Student: ya 'bro.


Student: ya 'bro.

Student: ya 'bro.
by MetroDyne January 13, 2011
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worse than ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian AND ur granny tranny combined
joshua: ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian AND ur granny tranny

daniel: ya bro a hoe
**sun turns into red giant**
by stargirl March 14, 2018
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The act of blowing off a person's rebuttal; listening to a person but not actually caring what is being said.
"It's amazing how you think the world is square. I can show you scientific proof that shows otherwise. If i pulled up the recent geography of the world i promise you your outlook would change quickly. The world is round not square."

"i hear ya bro"
by Blackangie July 29, 2017
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Matthew: Yo dis kid last night tried to jump me.
Andrew: Ya heated Bro?
by Kartilic February 4, 2010
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To be way too good at something. Usually a term associated with the video game Halo.
Jim-"Shit dude i just got that triple no-scope!"
Bubba- "Ya too goo bro!"
by Josiah Tyler Perrin April 28, 2008
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