Best person in the world! She loves to have fun, but knows when to be serious. She is attracted to men who wear glasses and speedos, often at the same time. She prefers the speedos to be glittery or animal print. Her favorite Singer is Ke$ha because Ke$ha lets her drop it like its hot. She has an awesome sense of humor, and is attracted to guys that can make her laugh. She's a saint.
Did you see Magdalene checking out that guy in the banana hammock?

Virgin Mary was a Magdalene.
by iaoaojo July 31, 2011
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a very pretty yet smart girl. Magdalens are very sweet but rather bossy. They will take any chance to make you their friends!
she's really nice she must be magdalen!
by pay german March 23, 2018
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an obnoxious fun loving girl(usually with natural red hair) who loves to smoke weed and have sex all the time.
enjoys a great time
and partys with her friends like its her job.
Dooood i totally wanna pull a magdalene tonight!
by caitlynnn. July 02, 2008
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a girl whos nocternal and has a dirty mind and is weird
magdalene is a pedofile who likes to rape boys who are going into grade 6
by ajsnkdnksanfdasf June 30, 2006
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the act of rubbing a woman's feet with one's beard.

*This is not to be confused with the male-on-male version, the "Dirty Harry Magdalene."
Josh told me that Sarah had cute feet so he gave her a Harry Magdalene.
by Joshua Longsack December 24, 2013
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(v.) – an act of daring intimacy. (1) Pursuant to heavy petting our lady, of her own volition, anoints her mammarian protuberances with copious amounts of water-soluble petroleum jelly. Upon removing her gentleman’s codpiece she titty-fucks the hell out of him until the ebb and flow of pearly treasures doth mar her ample bosom. Now post haste, in an ecstatic moment of grace freely given, ladyluck sponges the jus d’amour with her long and bountiful mane, baring cheeks red with rosy dawn. Then grace, not having satisfied her thirst, the Magdalene lap’s love excess from her soiled locks with a rueful smile.
(2) after giving your lady friend the titty bang-bang (with tits nice and lubed), she uses her own hair to wipe up jizz necklace and then licks it out of her hair.
After a night unrestrained consumption, Jack finally persuades Jill to perform the dirty Magdalene.
by Bonny and Clyde September 07, 2007
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A sexual act. The MM requires that the partner with long hair be on top of the other so that the head of the partner with the hair is over the others feet. This necessitates some variation of reverse cowgirl and should be done with care since the partner on top will be using their hands, which would normally be supporting themselves, to use their hair to wash the feet of the other partner with sensual oils or motion lotion.
Jesus: "Wow! My mind is still blown. She put the Mary Magdalene on me last night."

John: "Really? What kind of oil did she use? I'll bet your feet are still really clean and soft."

Jesus: "I think she used olive oil. Whatever. It was the bomb yo!"
by W!cKeD July 31, 2009
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