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A kitchen worker that possesses no useful skills and is considered absolute rock bottom in the culinary field. This person is not deserving of the term shoemaker. A cobbler is characterized by frequent burning of foods, tasteless end products, unsightly plated entrees, poor sanitation practices, and a general sense of worthlessness.
Chef 1: "Did you taste that garbage Philly put out for the reception?"

Chef 2: "Yes, unfortunately. Apparently, the best he could muster."

Chef 3: "Poor bastard thinks he's a Chef; just a cobbler after all."
by Hobo2 October 11, 2006

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The intense, carefree feeling of well being as that of a hobo.
Lamont drank his last bottle of wine and laid down in the bus shelter. He didn't seem to care that the shelter reeked of urine or that a cockroach had been crawling on the ham sandwich he had for dinner. Instead, he closed his eyes and reveled in his hobophoria. He felt like he was floating on clouds of Wonder Bread.
by Hobo2 January 30, 2006

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The woman bobbing like a circus seal in the center of a ring of hobos in the parking lot of the Flying J truck stop.
Belinda is the kind of slut that would suck off a dirty hobo for his ham sandwich. What a j girl!
by Hobo2 March 30, 2006

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The practice of giving casual fellatio to a co-worker in the linen closet at work while on the time clock.
Brandy claimed she was downstairs doing inventory but the glistening beads of perspiration on her forehead and the little white pearl in the corner of her mouth told the truth: She was with one the cooks doing Salisbury Laundry.
by Hobo2 January 03, 2006

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A derogatory term for a convenience store operated by a person of Middle Eastern descent.
Let's run down to the llama shop and grab some 40's before Prakash closes up for the night.
by Hobo2 January 31, 2006

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Using a Cheerwine soft drink, a carbonated beverage native to Salisbury, NC to douche or give an enema. This is particularly common after a Whiz dogg.
My girl was so gooey after the Whiz dogg, I decided to give her a Salisbury Spritz and clean up a bit.
by Hobo2 January 03, 2006

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A phrase describing the act of female masturbation.
Eric: We're headed to the pool. Be right back.
Kim: What should I do?
Eric: Diddle.
Kim: Huh?
Mark: Try the two fingered slot rumba.
Kim: Ok! (holding up two fingers.)

(Eric crashes the golf cart.)
by Hobo2 June 03, 2006

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