intentionally means swaying the car and killing sumone
Jeremy: What are you doing?
Gustav: I am intentionally eating this rice.
by verymuchnice October 28, 2020
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As taught in law school: A dog knows the difference between being kicked and being tripped over.

Perhaps the most vital component of trust and forgiveness, the factor of having committed an act inadvertently or willfully.
Although she felt hurt, she waited to respond, needing first to weigh the intentionality of his actions.
by Monkey's Dad February 26, 2020
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Someone who has no desire to be in a relationship. Often a sign of issues in previous relationships, depression, anxiety or simply a fear of being mistreated in a relationship.
Person 1: Yo why hasn't dave had a gf for 3 years?
Person 2: I hear he's intentionally single.
by ... --- ... September 24, 2020
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Often found in corporate reports, prospectuses, technical documents, and the like, this expression, which itself subverts the very condition it purports to describe, reassures readers that they're not missing important information. Why readers of corporate reports and technical documents might be thought to be looking for important information is a mystery.
Variants: "The rest of this page intentionally left blank." "This cake intentionally left blank.
by Uncle Bradley July 22, 2010
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when someone says something to intend something different then what is true
“why are you intentionalizing that i’m gay?” “because you look like it” “well i’m not!!”
by slipperyshoe June 5, 2023
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