The act of mounting a girl and spraying your offspring-glue onto her chesticles.
"Yo, I lassoed her last night in someone's front lawn."

"Dude, I'm calling the cops."
by The Wyld Stallyn April 7, 2010
The combination of the words "little" and "asshole." Adjective that is often used for careless rude people. Can also be used when referring to douchebags you previously dated.
A: "Are you still dating that guy?"
B: "Nah, he got belligerently drunk at my sisters wedding and started a cake-fight."
A: "What a lasso."
by jahroony April 30, 2012
Oh my word, y'all. I heard that Baylee Sue munched 2 girls last night! She's such a lasso!
by Le Gasp July 26, 2010
Lasso is a product by OmniPilot. Currently its at version 8. It is a language, an application server, a dessert topping, AND a floor wax! It allows for a webserver to poll a database and then to return the results of that poll to a webpage. And that's just the tip of the iceberg as far as Lasso is concerned.
What version of Lasso do you use ?
by M i l e s December 24, 2004
The act of getting forcefully stolen away from your buds by the wife, generally because she holds the power.
He said he was coming and afk'd, I guess he got lassoed by his lass.
by george st khan April 27, 2021
An omnivirous, cube-dwelling mammal. Native to the Pacific Northwest, he prefers abstaining from intimacy during the better part of the year. He also avoids social gatherings including alcohol, as this may impare his ability to tick and/or tie any numbers. His cohorts include The Hatchet, Pecker, Brunsteen, Papa Doug, and "The Firm Hates You" Isler.
KS- Hey Lasso, you wanna come to lunch with us today?
The Lasso- I would, but I need to tick and tie these figures on ABC Inc's Balance Sheet.
Senior Manager (in his head)- Boy, that Lasso kid sure is a go-getter. And not to be gay or anything, but I'll bet he's a dynamo in the sack.
by David B. Cool October 6, 2004
The badge of honor you get when a long hair off a girl's head gets wrapped around your dick and then you find it later on and have to untangle it. Commonly occurs after rough, hair-pulling sex.
"Dude, you have absolutely zero game. That chick you were creeping on last night was shy as hell with you."
"Oh yeah!? Then tell me why I woke up sore and dick-lassoed."
by alterbreaker November 27, 2010