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1. One who tans way too much ... often schedules an entire day around "catching rays"
2. One who naps way too much
3. One who closely resemble Biff from Back to the Future
4. One who talks all day about getting with a chick, then sees her at a party and doesn't even speak to her.
5. One who would rather be fucked in the ass all day than be forced to masturbate all day.
I can't tell if that guy is black or just an isler.

That lazy frickin isler is sleeping again.

Hey look! Its the guy that played Biff in Back to the Future! No wait, its just an isler.

That guy could be feeling all over those fake boobies, but hes too much of an isler

Masturbate all day? Are you kidding? Just fuck me in the ass and call me isler.
by Chad February 29, 2004
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