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Landrie is an amazingly strong girl. Stands up for what she believes in, and stands up for others. NO MATTER WHAT. Always loyal and extremely talented. She never gives up even when people say she can’t she proves them wrong. Also she is always there for anyone who needs her. She has a strong belief and is all around the kind of friend everyone needs.Remember size doesn’t matter.
Person 1:I having a rough time and I need a trustworthy friend.
Person 2:You know what you need.
Person 1: What?
by The horse lover esha November 24, 2018
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Landrie’s are sweet kind and can always make people laugh they try heir hardest to accomplish something and always loves taking notes and setting reminders Landrie’s are organized in the beginning and a total mess in the end Landrie’s are one of the best friends you could ask for because she is the best helper best cheerier uper and best mate you never want to be a enemy to a landrie
Landrie is really nice and super funny
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by Brooke167 June 14, 2018
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A person who is talented in many different orifices, such as music and theater. Normally very smart. Doesn't always think before speaking, which often leads to digging themselves into a hole. Funny, though occasionally to the point of being annoying. Loves pigtails and pumpkin butts. Stubborn and opinionated, though usually respectful and well respected. Greatly dislikes being referred to as 'Junior'. Prays before eating, and upon failing to do so says "Holy $h!t!"

Dude, that guy's such a Landrie. He's smart, but he doesn't think before speaking.
He's such a Landrie... always talking about his Jesus.
by Orgon January 22, 2009
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