Made from 1951, it is every Arab teenager's wet dream. Owning a land cruiser is not just owning a truck with 8 seats, or a 4x4 with a pimped-up body. It is much more than that. This car is built to last anything, no wonder why ISIS uses them. Collisions? got em. Explosions? got em. Nukes?, ehh, not yet tried but if its a land cruiser, you know it can survive it.
"If you want to go out to the outback, go in a Range Rover, if you want to return, go in a Land Cruiser"
-Every intellectual Australian
A true beast, it has Jeeps for breakfast, Nissan Patrols for Lunch, and Range Rovers for dinner, not to mention Ford Expeditions for dessert.
Person #1: "Yo, I just got a Land Cruiser!, can't wait to take this baby out for a run"
Person #2: "Are you retarded?, Jeeps and Range Rovers can beat its ass!"
Person #1: "*Shows montage of Land cruisers being blown up and still surviving without a scratch*"
Person #2: "You know what, ima be back, gonna sell my Jeep to get a Land Cruiser."
by AverageLawAbidingCitizen April 27, 2019
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Just a fuckin rugged truck. Could get you through hell and back.
Land Cruiser owner: Lets go pwn some Jeeps!
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Satans 4x4 of choice for travelling the underworld through lava crossings and mountain terrain of samurai swords with titanium spikes of fire attached to tungsten spikes of fire.
Satan to the Grim Reaper...Hey Grim, Watch this Land Cruiser rip the bull bar of this bogged Nissan patrol.
by GetaCruiser February 14, 2018
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The worlds most capable off road vehicle. Beats any other 4x4 hands down in terms of style, engineering, durability, and ruggedness.
Land Cruiser, because everything else just sucks.
by J25 August 20, 2005
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King of the dunes, has the most reliable V8, can stay with you for decades, most loved by arabs, and CAN GO ANYWHERE!
"Bro I'm glad you took a land cruiser it will stick with you for decades"
by Mosz January 18, 2020
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A pretentious vehicle that gives drivers a false sense of security about its limited capabilities, but is mostly used to do the school run or purchase groceries.
I had to tow a Land Cruiser out of a small puddle in front of the school crossing.
by MrOzMan January 8, 2017
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The most mistaken vehicle on Earth. It is not a POS Land Rover. This is the real vehicle that traverses the toughest terrain on Earth. Not the one that traverses the warranty department at its local dealership
Yo, that Land Cruiser is running. Must not be a Land Rover.
by Ramathorn15 May 24, 2019
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