Underpowered shit heap square box on wheels with poor fuel economy and pathetic power compared to every other 4x4 with similar engine displacement, cheap shit bought by people dropped at birth that love muddies and 8 inch lifts with no stand out 4x4 ability
A Nissan patrol really bro? You mean the car version of the titanic with a hamster running in a wheel for power?
by Pootrol November 16, 2019
Commonly owned by men, tough as balls. Best 4x4 that does sick dose's
"Look at that phat Nissan patrol boyo does full hectic dose real men own them"
by Theleegenddherself October 14, 2017
Top of the range 4wd, pulls out cruisers and leaves them in your dust, not over priced like ya cruisers. Don’t need to wear pit vipers and tight short jeans to drive a patrol.
Nissan patrol “slaying pussy since 1975”
by Wilko April 14, 2021
Often looses 4wd ability midway through a camping trip to the beach and has to be towed along with the camper out by a real 4wd
"Hey mate my Nissan patrol has lost 4wd and i keep getting bogged in the sand."
Its ok i'll hook your patrol and your camper up to my real 4wd "the challenger" and tow you out of the sand
by Wolfman88 February 16, 2019
Nissan Patrol aka Toyota recovery vehicle is an offroad legend. Often driving through an obstacle to get to the other side to tow a Toyota out.
I said to the bloke I'll take the Patrol first so when you get stuck I can tow ya Crusier out!

You should have bought a Nissan Patrol mate!
by Hansohatori September 7, 2018
A price of crap cheaply made underpowered weak drivetrain pretend 4X4 that is no match for the almighty king of the road "Toyota Landcruiser"
Mate, I can't believe you bought a nissan patrol.
by Ohwhatafeeling February 21, 2014
A proper V8 for men . No tree hugging vegetarian diesel option. Naturally apirated 5.6 litres of powaaa. Delivers 400bhp throwing this 3 ton beast 0-100 in 6.5 sec.
by N27 Diver February 4, 2016