Kickass offroad vehicle, far to often driven by people that dont use it for what it was made for.
Person that doesnt deserve one -- My Rova truck has 22s.

True Owner -- My Rover made it through 30 inches of water and 10 inch deep mud pulling a Jeep out
by jD April 16, 2005
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A kick-ass vehicle that is simultaneously a pain in the ass to maintain.

If you buy one, within 6 months you will either a)want another one or b)set it on fire and roll it into a lake.

In stock configuration, it will (and has) outperformed other lifted vehicles.

If you don't have money and wrenching skills, stay away.
"Did that stock 109 Land Rover just pass a Jeep on the Rubicon?

by Stu454 April 27, 2010
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The greatest 4x4 vehicle of all time. The LR3 was the last legitimate Land Rover that could actually go off road and impress people with it's capabilities.

Many people are now getting them just for the status, and putting 22" chrome rims on it which goes against everything the company stands for and represents.

If you doubt Land Rover then watch videos of the Camel Trophy
Dumbass: Dude! I just got a lift and 33's for my jeep!!

Land Rover Owner: I bet you would not have lasted one day with stock Land Rovers in the Camel Trophy

Toyota Owner: MY YOTA IS A BEAST!!

Land Rover Owner: Why do I always tow you out of every trail we go to?
by Discovery Stud April 11, 2012
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High End 4x4 affording luxury and status for the first 6 months of ownership. Afterwards, affords owner the oppurtunity to get to know their service department or Haynes/Chilton repair manual.

An amazing vehicle with blindly loyal followers, the Land Rover is capable of amazing off road feats barring common mechanical and electrical malfunctions.
Person sees friend in new Rover: "Dude, Carter got a new Land Rover! That thing was $60K! He's stylin' on 20" rims and AP Street Tires!"

Six Months Later: "Damn, Carter's driving his 330i again, the Rover must be in the shop."

Designer Maurice Wilks in 1948: "Wow, this U.S. Army Jeep that I drive around my property is awesome! I hear that Willys has been selling civilian versions for 3 years now! I'll convince the Rover company to build something similiar with little to none of the pluses of the design that Bantam made and Ford and Willys perfected!" "What's this galvanic corrosion people speak of?"
by Joe Bag O Donuts December 14, 2010
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Sort of like a high-end Jeep - a luxurious, gas guzzling, low quality, unreliable pile of crap. The difference is that Land Rovers are for people who don't know how to fix it themselves, but actually *can* afford to pay someone else to do it - a yin to the Jeep driver's yang.

They are usually driven by people whose elitism wouldn't allow them to drive a far more reliable, far higher quality, and equally off-road-capable Japanese 4x4. Land Rovers are particularly favored by middle aged men who remember waaaay back when Land Rovers were actually better than other off-road vehicles. They longed for one as a child, so now they remain in denial about the unpleasant reality of their dream car.

The main trait all Land Rover enthusiasts share is a desperate need to feel and express superiority over Americans and/or Japanese.

Women who choose Landies do so for the only reason any woman chooses any car - they like the way it looks. This is by far the most logical reason to drive a Land Rover - you go girls!

Contrary to popular myth, Land Rovers are never driven by people on safari - or anyone who needs reliable transportation more than a few miles from the dealership. A few people tried it, but they were all eaten by lions.
Land Rover Driver: "Gosh look at all those poor Jeep drivers. They aren't truly hardcore consumers like me. I spent *so* much more on my clunker than they did on theirs"

Range Rover Passenger: "What? I can't hear you over all the noise coming from engine bay."

Land Rover Driver: "I said... Oh, never mind, honey. We need to go pick up the kids from soccer practice. Now, how do I ask the SatNav for direction again?"
by Cliff Tan July 17, 2008
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