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Kickass offroad vehicle, far to often driven by people that dont use it for what it was made for.
Person that doesnt deserve one -- My Rova truck has 22s.

True Owner -- My Rover made it through 30 inches of water and 10 inch deep mud pulling a Jeep out
by jD April 16, 2005
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A kick-ass vehicle that is simultaneously a pain in the ass to maintain.

If you buy one, within 6 months you will either a)want another one or b)set it on fire and roll it into a lake.

In stock configuration, it will (and has) outperformed other lifted vehicles.

If you don't have money and wrenching skills, stay away.
"Did that stock 109 Land Rover just pass a Jeep on the Rubicon?

by Stu454 April 27, 2010
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The origianal SUV, since willy's Jeep was just a car without a roof or doors.
70% of all land rovers/range rovers made since 1955 are still in use.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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A British luxury brand which is now owned by Ford along with other British vehciles such as Jaguar and Ashton Martin. Buying a Land Rover guarentees you will look stylish on the side of the highway.
Person 1: Dude, look at that Land Rover on the shoulder!

Person 2: Such a sweet lookin car.
by British boy September 22, 2006
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The greatest 4x4 vehicle of all time. The LR3 was the last legitimate Land Rover that could actually go off road and impress people with it's capabilities.

Many people are now getting them just for the status, and putting 22" chrome rims on it which goes against everything the company stands for and represents.

If you doubt Land Rover then watch videos of the Camel Trophy
Dumbass: Dude! I just got a lift and 33's for my jeep!!

Land Rover Owner: I bet you would not have lasted one day with stock Land Rovers in the Camel Trophy

Toyota Owner: MY YOTA IS A BEAST!!

Land Rover Owner: Why do I always tow you out of every trail we go to?
by Discovery Stud April 11, 2012
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To think about something compulsively night and day. When you landrover something, it must become the topic of every conversation with everyone, no exceptions.

This kind kind of tool behavior will result in losing friends and/or becoming worthless.
Kraig landrovers anything Macintosh-related. He talks about it all the time and everyone ignores him.

Thomas is landrovering over that awful new metalcore album. What a tool.

Nick is already landrovering another video game that hasn't even been released yet. He needs to level up.
by mickeypoo November 06, 2011
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1. A poor quality vehicle. The worst vehicle in terms of depedability, corrosion prevention, serviceability and poorly engineering.

2. A vehicle which value depreciates 25% or more when all 4 tires leave the dealers lot. No other vehicle has a poorer depreciation value. A bad investment

3. A vehicle that will get you there(maybe), but you will have to walk home.

4. A vehicle that the body is made from Aluminum. Land Rover bodies do not rust. They corrode, and this is the best thing Rovers do. Land Rovers steel frames rust.

5. A vehicle that is an electrical nightmare.

6. A vehicle that quality is so poor that Ford Motor Company had to buy it. Now they wish they did'nt.

7. A vehicle that parts must be preordered and kept on hand due to the fact that parts are not carried at regular auto parts stored

7. A vehicle that MILF's like.
I saw a cool Landie today on the side of the freeway. The hood was up but that's usual.

I'd rather push a Land Cruiser than ride in a Land Rover. Hell I'd rather dive a Jeep, and they suck too.

#1 Let's go fourwheelin, I just got my Rover running again.
#2 No way man, My Land Cruiser and I are tired of draging your British junk back to town.

by SlackJawMF February 21, 2007
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