The worst mobile game ad title ever.

Yes, it is a real mobile game ad by ketchapp. It features gameplay of a basketball game thing with a white rectangle on top that says "Are you retarded", matching the ad title.
ketchapp: Are you retarded
The community: Yes, I am
by Devonalfiano July 12, 2021
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what is said to a friend or collegue when they do something stupid that makes you laugh. Or as a way to show your dissapointment.
man1: (slips on the wet floor in the mens and grabs the urinal)
man2: "oh you retard!" (laughs towards/with man1)

Man1:(just got the team killed)
Man2:"oh you retard" (face in hands distraught)
by liam mogford October 5, 2007
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IQ of 70 or lower

People who have to look up I shit on your mom's face last night.
You are retarded. Need I say more?

Why the fuck did you follow the link at I shit on your mom's face last night?
by Lixer November 16, 2007
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Something used to describe how fucking retarded someone actually is.
Jimmy: I just found 2 diamonds and made a hoe with them!
Bob: You fucking retard.
by retardedfrik March 16, 2021
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Quit looking up your name on urban dictionary. It's just someone with your name licking their own arse. Most of these things don't even match your name. Why are you people so gullible to this shit. I'm gonna kill myself
"Some asshole on urban dictionary said that my name means I'm a cool dude. Im gonna post it on snapchat so I can jerk myself off to my name" are you people retarded? Ffs
by Dennis102 December 11, 2016
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The way retards who haven't heard of grammer say: you are a retard.
Guy A:i do not agree with you
Twinty: lol then you are a retarded
Guy B:that grammar... lmao
by Remi1001 September 2, 2017
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If someone says this to you its clear that they very much disagree with what you say even if its a fact
Triangle: you're pointless
Circle: i will murder your whole family and eat their corpses then puke it and make you eat it you retard
by Urbdicdayismay23 September 11, 2023
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