In the classic Five Man Band in fiction, the Lancer is the second string to the Hero, who often has the opposite personality to him. The best known example would be Han Solo, who is the Lancer to Luke Skywalker's hero.
Don't think of yourself as my second banana, think of yourself as my Lancer.
by Alex Stockwell December 26, 2010
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A type of car produced by Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi. Lancers are usually driven by some 24 year old white guy with a sideways hat who is blasting his Tupac CD, who also doesn't realize Tupac stopped being cool about six years ago and the sideways hat makes him look like a bell-end. The driver was most likely duped into thinking he bought a sports car, so he will usually rev his engine to try and race you, but his car can't outrun my 2002 four door civic dx, or my six year old sister who is crippled, deaf, and retarded.
Is that Derwitt's new car? Is that a Lex? Oh wait, it's just a lancer.
by cokemidget July 10, 2008
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A powerfull wizard family. A Lancer is gifted with high skils in combat.
You can never defeat a lancer!
by Checkpoint November 26, 2004
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Comes from a long line of Brittains. Often found dribbling or oozing madness on public property, people often run in terror of it. It may attack anything that moves.
"Oh no, there`s a lancer on my car"
"Let`s just go honey.. We can always get a new car"
by Eligio July 27, 2004
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Another term to refer to a homosexual.
yo check out that lancer over there with his man purse.
by Mobi November 11, 2007
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A Lancer is someone who takes themselves way too seriously in spots. Such as a bicyclist who wears the tight shorts, the unitard or whatever. Usually there are some sponsorship tight t-shirts involved. All evoking the uber-bicyclist Lance Armstrong and basically looking like they would feel more comfortable in Chelsea or the Castro.
A Lancer wears spandex or unitards like lance armstrong and enjoys sponsors
by LuckyOldMan January 19, 2012
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A popular character in the 1980's anime "Robotech". He is often portrayed as the popular (and female) singer Yellow Dancer.
Ex: Lancer is so hot, but he is a crossdresser...
by PunkRockChic March 02, 2012
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