One of the best 80's anime you'll ever find. Features 85 excellent, action-packed episodes, each divided into three sagas, and two equally great movies. Was aired on Cartoon Network, but those motherfuckers only showed 60 episodes, repeated those episodes, and ditched it in favor of Johnny Quest.
I now have all 85 episodes thanks to bootlegging ^_~
by AYB March 11, 2003
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Robotech is an Americanized cartoon show called Macross, produced by Studio Nu in Japan in 1985. The original series was considered too short for station owners in America to syndicate, and so two bogus shows where added by Harmony Gold, and the original storyline was massively altered to add to the deception. Some examples of these changes are: The size of the SDF-1, (via spoken word), certain characters hair color and style radically change over time (Dana Sterling) the fate of both of the shows main characters was also altered.

The first 40 or so episodes of Robotech are worth viewing though, and are available at most movie rental stores, and on Macross can also be purchased, but as of now, there are no English re-voiced versions.
Robotech/Macross is considerd one of the greatest Anime shows of all time.
by Ranger March 31, 2004
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A poorly edited amalgamation of 3 animes, whose only saving grace is the fact the Macross was cool enough even with the edits
That robotech episode was cooler on my macross DVD.
by Mecha Dude July 6, 2003
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Sorry, but "robotech" sucked the proverbial ass. It was nothing more than a second-hand rewrite of one good show(MACROSS), and two generic mecha-based shows(Southern Cross and Mospeada). The fact that it was popular in this country only demonstrates the infinite ignorance of American "anime fans". The storyline was hacked together out of some core elements of the original Macross storyline, and the voice acting SUCKED. Most of those idiots sounded like they were constipated when they were re-voicing the characters. In short: Robotech sucks! Macross Rules!!
Robotech is one of the most popular and overrated anime shows of all time.
by Eric August 4, 2004
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Never heard of Macross so I don't give a damn if it was better than Robotech, and I can't afford a DVD player either. Sorry, pal.
These nerds always say that Robotech sucks because it is dubbed. They forget that most of us don't have a foreign video store in our cities, and we can only tape whatever movies that come out on HBO or Cinemax. If the acting sucks, get used to it.
by pauper August 12, 2003
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