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The Secret Service's code name for President John F. Kennedy from 1961-63. Perhaps given because of his sexual escapades, which, in those days people kept discreet and private.
"Are you with Lancer at Glen Ora?"
"Yes, and then we have to escort him to Camp David."
"Roger, we'll stand by if you need further back up."
by Georgetown Set July 04, 2012
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Napoleonic era. A type of light cavalry unit that was armed with a lance. They were used to harass retreating troops. Lances had been retired, but after a group of Polish lancers defeated an entire group of British forces, many countries brought the lance back in. Some countries, like Prussia, had Uhlans, which are the same thing.
We're screwed, it's the Polish lancers!
by Galloping Ghost June 07, 2005
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A weapon in Gears of War that shoots up to 60 bullets in one magazine and when you melee with it, a chainsaw is activated. However, to get the chainsaw to work, you must have the B button down for longer than 1 second. The lancer is a strategic weapon and sometimes counters a shotgun. If you camp with the lancer and use chainsaw when people come by, i'm sure you'd get a decent ammount of kills with it.
Mike: Yo, I'm gonna camp with the lancer.
Scott: No dude, we need you at Boomshot!
Mike: Screw you
*Mike kills all 4 COGs with the chainsaw
Scott: Whatever
by Adam Grieshober December 27, 2006
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In the classic Five Man Band in fiction, the Lancer is the second string to the Hero, who often has the opposite personality to him. The best known example would be Han Solo, who is the Lancer to Luke Skywalker's hero.
Don't think of yourself as my second banana, think of yourself as my Lancer.
by Alex Stockwell December 26, 2010
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A type of car produced by Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi. Lancers are usually driven by some 24 year old white guy with a sideways hat who is blasting his Tupac CD, who also doesn't realize Tupac stopped being cool about six years ago and the sideways hat makes him look like a bell-end. The driver was most likely duped into thinking he bought a sports car, so he will usually rev his engine to try and race you, but his car can't outrun my 2002 four door civic dx, or my six year old sister who is crippled, deaf, and retarded.
Is that Derwitt's new car? Is that a Lex? Oh wait, it's just a lancer.
by cokemidget July 10, 2008
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A powerfull wizard family. A Lancer is gifted with high skils in combat.
You can never defeat a lancer!
by Checkpoint November 26, 2004
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Comes from a long line of Brittains. Often found dribbling or oozing madness on public property, people often run in terror of it. It may attack anything that moves.
"Oh no, there`s a lancer on my car"
"Let`s just go honey.. We can always get a new car"
by Eligio July 27, 2004
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