Lancer is a character in Deltarune who is the "bad guy" in the beginning, but later on, loses a battle to join your team. He has also become a meme because of his silliness, and various faces.
Man: "Yo did you play Deltarune yet?"
Man 2:"Of course dude! Lancer is my favorite character!"
by My Pseudonym is here now. January 31, 2019
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The Secret Service's code name for President John F. Kennedy from 1961-63. Perhaps given because of his sexual escapades, which, in those days people kept discreet and private.
"Are you with Lancer at Glen Ora?"
"Yes, and then we have to escort him to Camp David."
"Roger, we'll stand by if you need further back up."
by Georgetown Set July 4, 2012
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Something with the name of Lancer exceeds your expectations. They are loving and caring and no matter the circumstance, are able to make you feel better. If you see a Lancer your heart immediately starts to beat fast as they brighten up the room. They make you feel wanted, loved, and cared for. They make you feel as though you belong anywhere you go. Lancer is a truly amazing pet, or person.
Did you see that dog?
No but was the dog cute?
Of course it was it's name was Lancer!
by Rewels June 19, 2019
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The best bad guy in a video game. The coolest and raddest person. Is also a very good boy.
Lancer is a very good boy, although his dad doesn't treat him the way he deserves to be treated.
by SeapKeep December 23, 2018
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A weapon in Gears of War that shoots up to 60 bullets in one magazine and when you melee with it, a chainsaw is activated. However, to get the chainsaw to work, you must have the B button down for longer than 1 second. The lancer is a strategic weapon and sometimes counters a shotgun. If you camp with the lancer and use chainsaw when people come by, i'm sure you'd get a decent ammount of kills with it.
Mike: Yo, I'm gonna camp with the lancer.
Scott: No dude, we need you at Boomshot!
Mike: Screw you
*Mike kills all 4 COGs with the chainsaw
Scott: Whatever
by Adam Grieshober December 27, 2006
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In the classic Five Man Band in fiction, the Lancer is the second string to the Hero, who often has the opposite personality to him. The best known example would be Han Solo, who is the Lancer to Luke Skywalker's hero.
Don't think of yourself as my second banana, think of yourself as my Lancer.
by Alex Stockwell December 26, 2011
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