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The Life, Universe, and Everything. The major board on gamefaqs. This board is filled with crazy people and as LUE haters say 12 year old perverts looking for some pr0n. LUE has been through everything including sterLUEzation. All in all LUE has held in and still has tons of stupidness in it. We are still waiting for black LUEday
Lets put a link of goatse or tubgirl on LUE
by Matt Ludwig December 28, 2003
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The Tai Lue have one of the oldest recorded histories. The first Lue Kingdom was formed in Yunnan in 1180. Xishuangbanna (or Sipsongpanna, Chinese: 西双版纳傣族自治州; pinyin: Xīshuāngbǎnnà dǎizú Zìzhìzhōu) is an autonomous prefecture in Yunnan Province, China. The capital city is Jinghong.

The Lue people gave birth to today's countries such as Thailand, and Laos. Tai Lue migrated down south to Thailand which was established in 1238, then from there people move to what today is called Laos which was established in 1353.

The Dai or Tai Lue people form one of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by the People's Republic of China.
The Sipsongpanna (Xishuangbanna) Dai live mainly in the subtropical regions of southern Yunnan Province, China. They are mostly located in the Xishuangbanna (Sipsongpanna) Dai Autonomous Prefecture and Simao Prefecture. They also exist in smaller numbers in Myanmar (200,000), Laos (119,100), Thailand (78,000), Vietnam (3,684), and the United States (4,000).

The total population of the Dai nationality in China is over 1.5 million people (A.D. 2000 estimate). The total population of Tai Lue, or Sipsongpanna Dai, worldwide is approximately 1.2 million people (A.D. 2000 estimate)
Come visit the Lue State Xishuangbanna in Yunnan province and I guaranteed you will love it.
by Lue Majesty January 14, 2010
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A better name for a woolen hat. It is soft and baggy not like a hat..It is used for keeping your head and ears warm. It is also a shorter word than woolen hat..
-Is that a new lue? (instead of "is that a new woolen hat?")
-My grandma knitted this lue for me.
by cestlimee November 04, 2010
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A term for douche baggery/faggotry/idiocy
"you totally went lue last night, when you were drunk and telling that stripper you were going to marry her"

"you are such a lue right now, do not talk to me"

"2+2 does not equal 6, you lue"
by concerndcitizn September 06, 2008
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