Someone who likes to touch other men’s sausages
by Zhmillahunt July 9, 2019
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There real ones and understand the meaning of ZH
by TG4LL March 30, 2021
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A missunderstood guy, sometimes tought of as a pedophile.
You're so zhs.
by Ronipony April 9, 2018
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A person who makes Anals Tight, sizeing them up for the main event which is an explosion that happens shortly after, just by staring at them intensively, "Analysing" them
- Ay dude she is getting analyzed !!
- Yeah I know right he must be from the ZH tribe !
by FetTight December 11, 2016
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I want to play zhs.
What's your lowest score in zhs?
by Tsunami014 March 23, 2022
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