In reference to "going out" or "partying."
It is Wherever or Whoever will be going to a particular place/party.
"You gettin in the mix tonight?" - (WHEREever)

"Who's in the mix'?

by Upper Enchalant March 21, 2009
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When a DJ is mixing.
Youre in the mix tonight with DJ...
by jim jonesz April 1, 2008
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A term used primarily by the Barry Twins and their associates to describe having a good time. Usually in McGowans of Phibsboro!
Someone has managed to get contact details for a person of the opposite sex. "We're in the mix"
by mrmixalot November 30, 2009
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when your stoned..........
oh im in the mix man!!!!
by ôpen March 21, 2007
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The term “mixed” is used to refer to a person of multi-ethnic origin. “Mixed” is commonly used to refer to bi-racial or tri-racial people; however, a mixed person is really just anyone with more than 2 races in their ethnic background (e.g. African, Asian, European, Indigenous American, Indigenous Australian, and/or Pacific Islander etc.)
“Bro guess what?! I just got my DNA results from 23andMe. I thought I was just Saudi Arabian but it turns out I’m kind of mixed: 70% Middle Eastern, 15% European, 10% African, and 5% Asian!”

“5% Asian? Bro what if your ancestors knew my ancestors in China a long time ago?!”



“You don’t look mixed because you don’t have light skin, light eyes, or light-colored hair...and your hair is too curly.”

“Actually, my biological father is Afro-Caribbean and my biological mother is Indo-Fijian. Being mixed doesn’t mean a person has to have light-colored features or look partly European.”


“Oh my god your kids are so cute, I love mixed babies! I would marry outside my race too so I can have exotic bi-racial kids! They’ll have perfect hair, pretty eyes, and the best skin color...I wish I was bi-racial so I could be hot AND help to end racism!”

“Okay, no. First of all, don’t objectify mixed children like that. Secondly, Bi-racial people are still human beings, not some ethnic fetish or a racial fantasy.”
by BallFloatingInSpace2019 December 17, 2019
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Slang word used in Philly
Yo bro they mixing
We mixing after school real rap
by Tamia18 June 27, 2013
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