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The fear that somewhere a duck is watching.
Guy 1: Don't laugh at me but I have anadaephobia.
Guy 2: What's that?
Guy 1: It's the fear that somewhere a duck is watching. Wait did I just see a flash of yellow?
Guy 2: *slowly backs away*
by penguin July 31, 2015
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where the worlds greatest assholes team up and fight the worlds biggest douche bags. Throw a few random buttholes and turds in the mix. Top off with 1 helluva badass penguin guy.
Thats lue chat
Lue chat sucks because of dragon and white.
by penguin November 15, 2004
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A small italian plumber that gets into the most strange of situations, usually involving walking mushrooms.
by penguin October 29, 2002
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An implement used to aid a penguin in the act of shaving. It prevents the razor from cutting too deeply and chafing the skin.
Wally decided to attach the lighthouse to the razor in order to keep his penguin soft and supple.
by penguin June 23, 2004
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1. Sauron.
2. A book written by jrr tolkien.
3. A movie trilogy directed by Peter Jackson
1.Argh! It's the Lord of the Rings! Run!
2.I'm having a hard time getting into "Lord of the Rings".
3. I have seen "Lord of the Rings" far too many times.
by penguin March 22, 2004
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