A member of the GameFAQs message board "Life, the Universe, and Everything", often called LUE for short. Were considered immature and perverts at one point, but are now considerably more grown-up.
"I heard that those LUEsers are still around. I thought all of them would be banned by now."
by AnonymousLUEser November 18, 2007
A member of LUE, a board notorious for gaining the wrong sort of attention. In its heyday, LUEsers tended to say a lot of random, highly offensive and bordering insane things. It's usually nonsense, sometimes some of it comes out quite funny and clever.

When LUE was at its peak, the concept of board invasions, highly offensive messages and material flying around, and incredibly immature people running rampant online was all new and seemed bizarre and deliciously demented.

Unfortunately this thirst for attention and to shock was the LUEsers downfall. Due to steriluezation, there can be no new members since at least 2002, and so LUEsers are now a dying breed. Sometimes some of them post topics reminiscent of the LUE of old, but they all know that it can never be like before.

Once someone paid $300 for a LUEable account on ebay.
<Poster 1> So that's why in my opinion the big bang theory is far from irrefutable.
<Poster 2> I prefer the GANG BANG THEORY myself lol. *posts obscene ascii art*
<Poster 3> Who the hell was that guy? o_O
<Poster 1> Probably some LUEser, nevermind.
by Mr. Zed October 11, 2007
A member of the LUE boards, normally characterised by an inability to make a post without either insulting someone, or inserting a picture everyone has already seen.

LUEsers tend to be purile and foolish, but some can be mature at times. However, their spamming as a whole and their love of insulting others means they are generally anti-social and hated by most of the internet, so they hide in their own little hole (see LUE), insulting eachother instead.
Forum user: "...and that's why we need a serious discussion of this problem"
LUEser 1: "O RLY?"
LUEser 2: "YA RLY!!!"
LUEser 3: "Y HELO THAR BUTSECKS!!!111one"
Forum user: "Please be sensible..."
LUEser 2: "O RLY?"
Moderator: "*sighs* *locked*"
by Ogame player July 26, 2005
Person who posts or lurks regularly on the Life, Universe, Everything board on gamefaqs.com

They contribute to the insanity by replying to topics, and also keeping up with the changing fads.

LOL M I RITE?!!11one
After much trolling on other boards CjayC rounded up all the LUEsers, and let them rot in their own hell.
by XsolidusX May 11, 2005