Level of consciousness. Can be measured from 0-1000 LOC on earth using muscle testing. Archangels calibrate at 50,000 LOC with the LOC of Divinity measuring at INFINITY. Discovered by Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power Vs Force.
If someone is participating in the energy within the map of consciousness at 150 LOC, their experience will be dominated by anger; hate is the general emotional filter their experiences are passing through.
by IRSAgents August 1, 2022
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LOC love of crips, crip knowledge or 6lue to the fullest
much LOC t hat nigga has or them niggaz is LOC out
by corey May 21, 2004
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An instrument approach system used in aviation. Short for Localiser and can also be used for the LNAV. Some planes may have APP which is a combination of the LOC function and the G/S (Glide Slope). APP is short for Approach. The LOC or ILS arms the G/S to the runway. Each runway at an airport typically has different ILS numbers (Set in your NAV 1 or 2 radio frequency), but some major airports have it in both directions such as KLAX. For missed approaches, use your BC (Back Course).
The LOC for KCLE Runway 24L is 111.55
by 737 California Air May 30, 2011
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You buy a new Ford Mustang. After you have sent a picture of it to your brother in law at his request, he texts to you, "looks like we're gonna have to change your nickname to mustang sally". You text back the acronym "LOC". After a moment you should end up with a question mark from him indicating that he doesn't understand. You now have the opportunity to elaborate, "laughing out of courtesy...because that's all anyone ever does at your stupid jokes."

If someone's sarcasm or snarkiness doesn't actually make you LOL...use LOC.
by daddy chunky gunz November 2, 2014
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Ice Cube Song- I got my Locs on.
"I got my Locs on, I got my Locs on, and you can't see my eyes...I'm so high"
by SealtheDJ October 15, 2008
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Central Southeastern slang for "Lack of coolness", but used as an adjective.
"Man, this is so LOC" "He's so LOC." "What a LOC person."
by LOCster July 4, 2005
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LOC is an abbrieviation for Lots of Cock, Which therefore refers to a female or male that gets lots of cock.
"That girl overthere gets LOC"
"I heard your getting LOC tonight?"
"Go away i'm gonna go and get LOC'ed"
by ii_TaNkZz October 27, 2010
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