To push something (a dick) into something (vagina) swiftly.
Glide that dick into Sylvianne's vagina!
by Vivvi December 16, 2016
To have an obvious crush on a slightly older girl, but to be too wimpy to ask her out, even after months of preparation. The crush is usually unrequited because the crusher is an Animal Jam geek.
Person 1: Damn, that kid really is Gliding that girl Sylvianne.
Person 2: Yeah, he's literally spent all his free time preparing to ask her on a date but he keeps chickening out and EVERYONE knows it.
Person 1: I almost feel bad for him. It's obvious she doesn't like him because he's an animal Jam geek.
Person 2: What a Glide.
by Ciao Billy December 17, 2016
UK Slang: The equivalent of being on a warpath or looking for vengeance.

(Please stop posting nonsense definitions)
I tried to calm Tony down but he's glidin' (gliding). He's on smoke, fuming!
by sorrowful_mage July 27, 2021
A street side parking space that has enough room in advance of the intended spot, so that one can simply glide into the space, without the necessity of parallel parking or jumping the curb (not good for vehicles with CV joints, but done regularly, nevertheless). The more vacant spots in advance of the target spot, the better.
Stoners, the morbidly obese and people over 50, will cruise endlessly for glide in spots. It is rumored that the last glide in parking space in Manhattan was spotted sometime around 1935.

And for the really serious parker, there is the Super Glide In. (Which is a Glide In combined with a Glide Out.)
by miker2001 December 30, 2010
The Glide is a move that guys do to girls at bars or clubs. As a guy is passing by a girl, under the guise of trying to get through the crowd, he will put his hand on her lower back. During this, he will let his hand glide down from her lower back to her ass.
"That creepy guy just walked by me and did the glide." - any girl at a bar on any night ever.
by definitely not me really January 21, 2012
The sexual act of lining up 10+ naked errect males on the floor ‘top to tail’ covered in baby oil. The ‘glider’ himself also oiled up, takes a run up to the group of pre oiled men. Who then runs and and glides across the men on his stomach. With the errect penis either side of him, like going between road cones in a contra flow.
Hey Ant, are you coming to the pub tonight?
No sorry I’ve got a night of gliding lined up”.
by Beardo October 30, 2018
Instead of working, you chose to glide like a worm!
by Oga Nla December 11, 2015