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Crip Knowledge is used to tell if some one is false claimin or not like lets say I see some Cuz rockin C'Z all day and I spit him some crip knowledge and he doesnt know then he is false claming. There is knowledge for all gangs. For Slo6s and others to. THe higher ranking you are then the moe knowledge you will speak.
Crip Konwledge:

Real: You rockin crips speak some knowledge
Fake: Whats knowledge?
Real: You fake as
The end of the barrel: Pop POp POp POP POp It sounds like pop secret.

Holla HOlla At yo cuzin cuzes

You no crip knowledge

Why are all the apples falling of the apple tree?

Ca all the Slo6s are dieing.

holla at yo boy Ma6 Cs up all day every day Im from 6rooklyn

6k all day
by James Wilsey August 02, 2006
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The equivalent of knowledge a retarded dumbfuck that hopes to one day get laid which will undoubtedly never happen would speak to hope he seems tough enough to not get his ass shot right away.
Gagagagagagagagafoooshpissignes! This crip knowledge makes me sound like such a fag why do I even bother??
by Biggle-Pie November 01, 2006
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